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William W. Washauer has been practicing real estate law for 33 years, along with his business law practice. He works with many local real estate companies as outside legal counsel. His years of experience with clients in many different industries gives him a broad array of knowledge to pull from in all of his cases. This allows him to be flexible when dealing with any given situation.

Mr. Washauer helps clients with many real estate transactions, including:

  • Purchase and sale of property: drafting and examining of contracts, and purchase and sale agreements
  • Real estate brokerage law: working with brokers on the legal aspect of their profession and assisting brokerage firms with their legal issues
  • Subdivision of property: drafting contracts and negotiating disputes
  • Development and sale: working with developers to solve the legal problems surrounding the development of an area and the sale or lease of their developed properties
  • Financing and leasing: drafting and examining financing contracts and leases

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Real Property Attorney

Mr. Washauer’s experience as a San Francisco real estate attorney allows him to approach every client’s situation from several different angles, always looking for the ideal solution. His crossover between real estate and business law adds to the value clients receive because they can have one lawyer for all of their needs instead of having to parcel out their concerns to several different attorneys. Mr. Washauer already knows his clients’ situation and is able to provide the perspective they may be missing and put the necessary pieces into place to make their real estate deal a success.

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