San Francisco Business Attorney

Establishing Business Goals and Helping to See Them Through

When working with businesses, William Washauer believes in direct involvement. He deals personally with every aspect of a case and helps his clients see things through to meet their goals. Mr. Washauer is always looking for the solution that will improve his clients' business and bottom line.

By giving an experienced outside perspective, Mr. Washauer can analyze the status of a business and provide insight into how things can be improved. He has a wide array of clients for whom he provides general counsel which gives him a large body of knowledge to pull from.

As a San Francisco business lawyer, Mr. Washauer understands everything from employment contracts to business licensing. He wants the success of his clients' business as much as they do.

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Business Licensing Lawyer

Business law is an area of specialty that requires creativity and dedication. Mr. Washauer has practiced business law since 1978 and has worked with many different clients in many different industries. His primary clients are primarily small to medium-sized businesses that need help in the following areas:

  • Business and entity formation and operation: including articles of formation, incorporation, filing necessary papers with the Secretary of State's office in California, and building a stable legal foundation for a business
  • Modification: changing contracts, business articles and alterations to other legal documents
  • Employment issues: establishing a good legal relationship with employees, dealing with human resource issues and complications, as well as setting up policies of appropriate behavior and conduct
  • Intellectual property issues: protecting clients' creations such as music, inventions, software and writings by trademark, patents and copyright
  • Dissolution: closing a business, filing dissolution papers with the state, informing creditors of the dissolution and dealing with business taxes
  • General problem solving: any further legal issues that arise during the formation, running or closing of a business, including real estate law

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